Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hari Raya Aidilfitri - day 7

It's payback time. Today is my open house day. My family, cousin and niece will come to my house for raya. I've prepared soto (a spaggeti in chicken soup), nasi himpit (rice), bread and frying nuggets and french fries. I've bought a lot of throw-away cup, plate and bowl cause it easy to managed. Two pack of ice was ready with four-4 litre concentrated juice to blend with the water.
My house was a bit small to occupied around 30 person in a shot. The environment was noisy, kids are playing and watched television. There's a lot of topic discuss from new clothes, biscuit and business; Swisscash, esuissefund, Iraq's Dinar school holiday etc.
However, I'm very happy to see this family united, love and care for each other.


Anonymous said... , masih raya lagi ke ali ? , tak per la ... satu permulaan yang bagus .. pasni boleh ler kongsi ilmu pasal pengajaran kat sini kot .. he he gurau jer.. apa pun tahniah atas kesungguhan untuk hadir bengkel UKM tempohari..

ali_ipti said...

ya, le. masa tu tak belajar lagi niche dan fokus, jadi hentam aje le. Kawan pun dah daftarkan kat technorati, jadi maintain aje nama tu dan hidupkan blog ni. Thank for reply